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Doug DuBois, after a successful management career in retail grocery, decided it was time to work for himself and make a difference! A formidable business presence in San Bernardino for nearly 25 years, Doug did it the old fashioned way, with consistent hard work, one policy at a time. He sometimes calls it, "Pick and Shovel"! Meaning, chip at it, one situation at a time until success is achieved for his clients.

Gaining the trust of his clients, he has built an Agency that continues to serve the families of San Bernardino and the surrounding Inland Empire as well.

Not content to sit on the Agency's accomplishments, he has continued to expand not only in term of policies in force but offering the coverages that his clients have sought his advice on over the years.

A most exciting addition to the Agency in recent years, is offering Medicare Health Care Plans to his current book of business as well as those referred his way. "Filling this crucial coverage gap for our clients entering retirement has been really appreciated by our clients and good for the Agency as well. Medicare can be so confusing; so we are here to help, to clarify, so you can pick the right Medicare health care plan for you."

Doug is husband to Tami, his lovely wife of 21 years, father of three, Grandfather to nine and proud owner of his wonderful Remi, his bird dog trained and delightful Black Labrador!
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